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a little bit about us...

my pet lamb has been very close to our hearts for a long time and we are delighted to finally see our dream coming true.

The name ‘my pet lamb’ comes from our loving Irish mammy, who endearingly called us her own pet lambs any time we scraped a knee or were having a hard tiny person time.

We have always been deeply in love with Irish knitwear and still have the heirloom knits we used to wear as little ones which have since been passed down to the next generation of little lambs.

After 10 years working for a large UK retailer, feeling unfulfilled and under-appreciated, our founder Aimear  decided to pack up her life and move back to breath-taking Donegal to make my pet lamb happen. 

As buyer and merchandiser she recognised that the fast fashion model was broken. Several bi-annual buying trips to the Far East sourced mass-produced items that were shipped across the planet to inevitably end up in landfill.

With a Masters in Sustainable Design, she knew the fast fashion model could no longer slide. Instead of approaching retail irresponsibly, my pet lamb aims to showcase the very best of natural Irish heritage knitwear and classic cotton staples. We strive to outshine throw-away culture and keeping up with trends with our timeless, responsibly-made natural items that will be worn over and over again, collecting memories along the way.

Instead of man-made fabrics we’re using what our mama gave us - 100% natural wool and organic cotton items from Mother Earth that can both be readily re-used or recycled.

We are proud to support women in economically-disadvantaged rural communities who dedicate their time and expert skills to hand knitting my pet lamb jumpers, cardigans, rompers, hats and blankets. These women are super skilled and continue the ancient Irish knitwear heritage we are so lucky to have. Our knitwear oracle is a Co. Donegal woman who knows everything there is to know about knitting and we would be lost without her. We are so proud to invest in our knitters time and expert skills and delighted to show the world how amazing they are.

At my pet lamb our mission is to provide natural clothing that children will be happy to adventure and play in. We want to meet the needs of like-minded conscious parents and guardians as gently as we can. We take a triple-bottom line approach to try to meet sustainability objectives - not just economic objectives but also social and environmental too. For the next generation of little pet lambs, we are bringing it back to the basics of high quality design and manufacture using the very best materials and skills we can.